Monday, December 5, 2011

Sono qui!

I am now here in Italia! Finalmente!

I left Ohio Friday afternoon, and things were fine...until I got to Chicago. I hate Chicago.

In Dayton, they only printed my boarding pass for the Chicago leg, so I had to get my next 2 printed in Chicago. When I got off of the plane, I went to United's information desk...they sent me to see Lufthansa, in a totally different terminal.

So I walked. The entire length of the airport.

Got to Lufthansa and...they sent me to a completely different terminal.

Went through a tunnel, which was decorated like Studio 54 and Sherwin-Williams had a baby. There were funky disco type lights on the ceiling and the walls were lit up...but they looked like giant paint samples. I didn't get the whole "look", but pressed on until I got to the escalator & where I needed to be. Waited another hour or two before someone arrived at the desk. Got my boarding pass...and found out that I had a center seat. Damn. I hate that. It could have been worse least this seat was one of 3 in a row by the windows and not smack in the middle of the plane with 3 people on either side.

Got on the plane & waited...and waited...and waited.

Finally, the captain spoke up and said those dreaded words, "we're sorry folks..."


Apparently there was an electrical problem & they needed to get it fixed. So we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

I heard a rumor that we weren't going to be taking off until 10pm. BOOOOO! NOOOO!

Luckily it was only a rumor.

We took off 2.5 hours after we were supposed to.

Couldn't really sleep, so I watched movies for most of the flight. I think I might have slept 2 hours, if that.

We got to Frankfurt and it seemed that I had an hour to get to my gate. WEEEEEEE! I think I will be able to make it!

Then I saw the line to passport control.


Maybe not.

Finally got through passport control and headed to security. Not too many folks in line ahead of me and 2 lanes open! This could be good! I might make it!

Then they closed one of the lanes.

And I got behind Mr. & Mrs. Slow-as-molasses-in-January.


I set off the alarm when I went through. Didn't surprise me. It did the last time I was there. I got the sweep and pat down. This time the lady police officer was not so scary.

Ran up the escalator to my gate! I had 5 minutes! one was there.

At all.



Ran to another gate and asked the lady at the desk. She punched in my information & told me that they had re-booked me onto the very next flight to Florence.

In 4 hours.



And a few other colorful words.

I sent Simone a text message telling him of my delay & asking him to contact the owner of the apartment that we were renting to tell her of the delay. Found my gate & waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Time. Stood. Still.

And there was a little kid, probably close to 2 years old who continued to misbehave and I wanted to spank him and his parents.

I was a little grumpy.

Finally, it was boarding time. WAHOO!

Got onto the plane & into my WINDOW SEAT (yeah!) But it was raining...and so I couldn't see a thing. Not that I would be able to see anything anyway, because it was completely dark by then. It was extremely boring. I had brought a book to read...but finished it in Frankfurt. So I dozed off & on until we finally started our decent to Florence.

When we broke through the clouds and I saw the lights of the surrounding area...I finally felt excited. And happy. And relieved.

As we came in for the landing, it felt like I was finally home. I ran off the plane and LUCKILY my bag was one of the first to be returned (thank you, Lord)! Grabbed my bag, walked past the police officers and exited to the public area.

Finally, I was "home" with Simone.


(more later...maybe. Sorry for lack of photos, but...there was really nothing to snap on the way!)

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