Saturday, May 25, 2013

I'm back!

Sorry for the lack of posts for the past few months.  I was in the US for awhile, but made it back to Florence a few weeks ago.  Now that I'm settled back in (and recovered from my jet lag!), I plan to make these posts more frequently.

I arrived at the very end of April to FABULOUS weather.  Temperatures were around 80 degrees Fahrenheit/26.5 degrees Celcius with a lot of sun.  Then something happened and it got cold.  Today it only got up to around 54 degrees Fahrenheit/12 degrees Celcius!  And rain!  So much rain today!  It has definitely been a cooler May here in Tuscany!

Speaking of May, there are so many things going on right now in and around Florence!  If you plan to be in town now or any time this summer, there are constantly fun and exciting things going on.

Right now, until tomorrow, there is the big Gelato Festival going on in Florence.  The festival covers 3 piazzas and includes a ton of gelato to sample, cooking classes, etc.  If you're not in town now, don't worry...there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy gelato here!  Grom is a chain, but one of the best in the city and is very close to the duomo.  Every time I've been, there has been a line out the door...but it is completely worth it!

Caffe', Nocciola e Fiordilatte (coffee, hazelnut and sweet cream flavors)
Various sagre (festivals) are going on this weekend.  The final weekend of the cinghiale festival in Montebonello/Rufina is going on.  Here you can have a two, three or four course meal featuring the cinghiale...tuscan wild boar!  We went last weekend and really enjoyed the food.  In case you're wondering, it tastes more like beef than pork!

Also going on this weekend is the sagra del tortello e della bistecca in Luco-Grezzano.  A festival centered around filled pasta (think large tortellini) and the amazing tuscan "bistecca" (steak) can't be all that bad!

The first weekend of the Festa Medioevale Malmantile (Medieval Festival in Malmantile) is this weekend as well.  Knights, food, and fun can be found in this town located about 25-30 minutes south of Florence.

More to come...stay tuned!

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